Saturday, March 11, 2017

GoPro mount for Insta360 Air

Here's a GoPro mount for the Insta360 Air to enable you to use the Air for sports and action shots.

Update: Insta360 revealed that its image stabilization is gyro-based and uses the phone's gyro therefore when using the Air on a mount like this, you can't use image stabilization.

More clones of the Insta360 Nano

The Insta360 Nano ($199reviewed here) is a popular 360 camera accessory for iPhone, so much so that it is becoming one of the most commonly copied 360 camera designs.  Here are two more Insta360 Nano clones.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mixed reality looks even more realistic with Avegant's light field technology

Avegant is using light field technology to make a mixed reality headset with more realistic images.

Could this 360 video be from the Samsung Gear 360 Pro?

A few weeks ago, Samsung posted a 360 music video featuring Biffy Clyro.  Although the video was entitled "Samsung Gear 360 - Biffy Clyro VR," the 360 video shows that the cameras that they used do not appear to be from the Samsung Gear 360.  The question is, which 360 camera is it from?

UPDATE:  Thanks to Pasztor Tamas of Instarfilms, we now know it's NOT the Samsung Gear 360 and NOT Project Beyond.  See the picture of the camera in the update below!

UPDATE 2:  Dean Johnson believes it's a 360 rig by Blackmagic, such as this one.

New 4k 3D 360 samples from Vuze camera including an aerial 360 video!

photo by Wiebe de Jager
Vuze Camera is shipping soon.  In the meantime, they've posted new sample videos in 4k 3D 360, including an aerial 360 video by  Here are the videos:

Last chance to play HTC Vive games for $99 with Nolo VR positional tracking for mobile VR headsets

Today is the last chance to preorder Nolo VR, an accessory that can add six degrees of freedom and motion controllers to mobile VR headsets for just $99, enabling you to play 700+ games for HTC Vive ($799; reviewed here) and other SteamVR games.

Eloam Mini 720 is a slim, low-cost fully spherical 360 camera

One of the trends in the 360 camera industry is the increasing number of fully spherical 360 cameras even among low-cost entry-level 360 cameras. One of these is the Eloam Mini 720.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Real world resolution comparison: Panono vs. Ricoh Theta S

Here is an informal real-world resolution comparison between the Panono, a prosumer 360 camera ($1999; first impressions here) and the Ricoh Theta S ($299 street; reviewed here), the most popular 360 camera.

TECHNIQUE: Panning a 360 camera: yes, you can!

photo by Mic Ty
One of the "rules" for 360 cameras is that you shouldn't pan the camera.  Since a 360 camera sees all around it, there is logically no reason to pan the camera.  But check out this tiny planet video:

Video demo of the Gole360, an Insta360 Nano clone for Android

photo c/o GearBest

Yesterday, I posted about the Gole360, a low-cost 360 camera accessory [very] similar to the Insta360 Nano but made for Android.   Here's a video demo of the Gole360, by cnxlinux.

Watch 3D Blu-Ray in VR with Playstation VR update 2.50 - now live!

You can now watch 3D Blu-Ray movies in VR with the Playstation VR!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Enjoy Facebook in VR with the Facebook 360 app for Samsung Gear VR

Now you can explore and view Facebook 360 photos and videos all in VR with the Facebook 360 app for the Samsung Gear VR (~$60 for gray market, $80 for US versionreviewed here).

Vimeo adds support for 360 videos in 2D and in 3D!

Vimeo has just launched support for 360 videos, both in 2D and in 3D!

Beoncam 360 camera watch is fully funded on Indiegogo; why I backed the project

Wow this is ironic and embarrassing.  I posted about Beoncam, a 360 camera wristwatch a few weeks  ago but their launch got delayed and I forgot about it (sorry about that guys!).  Anyway, they launched last week on March 1 and they were fully funded by the first day. Here is their campaign!

Gole360 is an unabashed clone of the Insta360 Nano

Higole's Gole360 is a 360 camera accessory for Android phones that closely copies the Insta360 Nano's design, but not the specifications.

TECHNIQUE: edit360 for iOS straightens the horizon on your 360 photos (and fixes 360 metadata)

Edit360 is an app for iOS that can straighten your 360 photo (level the horizon) as well as fix the 360 metadata in your photo.

This hilarious video is the best argument for VR!

Do you love your VR headset but struggle to explain to your skeptical friends why it's so awesome and they ought to try it?  This video by imSuck may be your answer!  So here's why you need VR in 3... 2... 1...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

MWC17: PhotoGearNews looks at the Giroptic 360 camera accessory for iPhone (and for future Android phones)

PhotoGearNews posted a short video about the Giroptic iO, a 360 camera accessory for iPhones and iPads.

Varavon Birdycam 360 VR is a gimbal for 360 cameras

Varavon has a new gimbal designed for 360 cameras!

Spectacular Skiing Showcase: 360 video and photos

Check out this amazing skiing 360 video and these awesome 360 photos by National Geographic photographer Wiebe de Jager.

Behind the scenes look at creating a 360 video for a TV series with the Samsung Gear 360

Check out this a behind the scenes look on how a studio used a Samsung Gear 360 ($250reviewed here) to create a 360 video for a Norwegian TV series, and how they solved the technical challenges along the way!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Insta360 Nano in champagne gold now available for preorder

The gold Nano next to the silver one, shown at CES

The gold version of the Insta360 Nano is now available for preorder at Amazon!

I saw the champagne gold version of the Nano at CES, and it looked like it would be a good match for iPhones in champagne gold.  I'm curious if the gold version has a wider appeal than the silver one.  If nothing else, it makes it clear that it is a newer Nano. :)  On the other hand, the Nano Mount is only in silver as far as I know.

3D Blu-Ray support for Sony Playstation VR may be rolled out tomorrow

You may be able to watch 3D Blu-Ray discs with your Playstation VR as early as tomorrow, according to an email from a Sony tech support staff member.

DEALS: Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle back in stock at Amazon for $499!

The Sony Playstation VR Launch Bundle is now back in stock at Amazon for $499!

Underwater 360 video from MGCool, an affordable fully spherical 360 camera

The MGCool 360 (also known as Elecam 360) is an affordable fully spherical 360 camera with an available underwater housing accessory. Here's a sample underwater 360 video from the MGCool.

Sample 360 video from Ulefone VRKAM, a 360 camera accessory for Android

Ulefone's VRKAM is a 360 camera accessory for Android phones (see preview here).  Here is a sample video from a prerelease version of VRKAM.

TECHNIQUE: 6 creative ways to use Instagram's swipe feature for 360 photos

Instagram recently released a gallery / swipe feature that some Instagrammers are using to simulate a 360-degree view.  Andreas Tichon of 360 photo and video blog went further and listed 6 creative ways to use the swipe feature for 360 photos.  Check out his post!

Sunday, March 5, 2017