Saturday, January 14, 2017

Visualpathy is a full-featured platform for sharing 360 photos and videos

With most 360 sharing platforms, you can share only photos or videos.  Visualpathy is one of the few platforms where you can share both photos and videos.  Uploaded photos and videos can be shared via app, URL, or embedded to your webpage. Check it out!

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to livestream in 360 to Twitter and Periscope

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter and Periscope had their first 360 livestreaming.  Right now, only select accounts are being allowed to livestream, but Twitter and Periscope are gradually rolling out the feature.  

First, you need a compatible camera.  The only camera officially supported right now is the Insta360 Nano (reviewed here), although there will be support for Insta360 Air (hands-on here) and Giroptic iO (hands-on here) as well when they are released.  

If you do have a compatible camera, you'll need a Periscope or Twitter account.  (If you already have a Twitter account, that will work as a Periscope account).  You can then get on the Periscope waitlist here.  According to some Insta360 Nano users, the wait time is only about a week!

I've requested to be on the waitlist and will let you guys know as soon as I get approval.

Update: I got approval, I've tried the live stream, and here is a tutorial.

PSA: thank you and my apologies for not responding to comments

Hi everyone.  Many of you have been making comments on the blog, and I really appreciate it!  I apologize if I haven't responded to your comments.  Strangely, for some reason I am no longer receiving comment notifications on most of them.  I have around 1,000 posts now and obviously I can't check each one for comments.

I will switch back from Google+ to the Blogger comments, which I'm hoping will fix comment notification.  Unfortunately, I think this will also make comments disappear, and for that I sincerely apologize.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support.  Please continue to like, comment on, and share my posts, which helps more people know about our site, which has grown very quickly thanks to you.

And pls. note you can always contact me via the 360 Rumors Facebook page (click on the Send Message button).

UPDATE: The new (old) comment system working!  I can see all the comments and respond to them.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

TwoEyesVR 3D 360 camera launches on Kickstarter on January 16

Mark your calendars: TwoEyesVR (hands-on here) will launch on Kickstarter on January 16.  I'm still not sure about the exact price.  The reps said would be $399, but the Kickstarter draft preview still seems to show an early bird price of just $199 (???).  Even at $399, it would be the most affordable 3D 360 camera by a significant margin.  If it really is available at $199, it would not only be the cheapest 3D 360 camera but the lowest cost 4k-capable 360 camera.

Detu Sphere S now available on Amazon; might be good for night sky photography

A couple of months ago, I posted about the Detu Sphere S, a higher resolution version of the Sphere 800.  The Detu Sphere S is now available from an Amazon reseller, at $160 plus shipping.  Interestingly, it seems that Sphere S is one of the few 360 cameras that may be able to handle night sky photography.

Liiv360 captures 4k hemispherical 360 videos

Liiv360 is a hemispherical 360 camera with 4k video and can be used underwater up to 100 feet deep, with its waterproof housing.

CES2017: Hands-on with wireless HTC Vive by IMR

I had the chance to try the Immersive Robotics (IMR) wireless adapter which enables you to use the HTC Vive wirelessly.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

YouTube supports 8k 360 videos

Apparently, YouTube supports 8k 360-degree videos.

CES 2017: IdealoEye introduces three 360 cameras and two VR headsets

IdealoEye presented three 360 cameras and two VR headsets at CES 2017.

CES 2017: Detu launches Twin, hints at two new 360 cameras

Detu, makers of the F4 camera and the Sphere 800 hemispherical 360 camera, launched the Detu Twin at CES 2017.  They also hinted at two new 360 cameras.

CES 2017: Insta360 Nano in champagne gold

The Insta360 Nano (reviewed here) is a 360 camera for the iPhone and currently the only 360 camera in the market that is officially compatible with Twitter and Periscope's new 360 livestreaming.  Insta360 showed a new version of the Nano in champagne gold to match iPhones with a similar color.  There were plans for a pink, space gray, and black versions but I haven't seen those IRL yet.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CES 2017: why the Kodak Orbit360 4k could be the best intermediate 360 camera to date

I saw several 360 cameras for consumers at CES 2017, but the one that I am most excited about is the Kodak Orbit360 4k.  Here's why.

CES 2017: Sphericam update

I got to see the Sphericam Beast and Sphericam 2, two professional 360 cameras with livestreaming capability.  I got to meet their CEO/Founder Jeffrey Martin and their CRO Gaja Zornada.  They showed a livestream from each camera and they both looked very good from the large LCD screen.

According to Jeffrey, they are working on improving the Sphericam 2, and will be launching it in early 2017.  Here is the official Sphericam website.

CES 2017: Hands-on with Occipital Bridge, a VR and AR headset for iPhone

Last week, I posted about Occipital Bridge, a VR and AR headset for the iPhone.  I got to try it at CES 2017.  Here are my impressions.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Insta360 Air app now available for download; sample video included

You can now download the Insta360 Air app from the Google Play store.  Although you can't shoot with it until you get the Insta360 Air, the app does include a sample video from the Insta360 Air.

CES 2017: In-depth look at the Vuze camera, the first affordable 3D 360 camera

The Vuze camera is the first affordable 4k 3D 360 camera, and was the camera I was most eagerly anticipating in 2016.  Unfortunately, it was delayed for additional tests.

Our correspondent in Germany, Sven Neuhaus, got to see Vuze at Photokina 2016, but they only showed him a sample video.  At CES 2017, I met with Humaneyes' GM for North America, Jim Malcolm, who had been the President for Ricoh Imaging Americas and had helped bring the Ricoh Theta to the US market.  Jim showed me a working camera, and walked me through the entire process from capture to viewing the final video on an HTC Vive.  Here are my impressions of the Vuze.

Update: I now have the Vuze.  Here is an unboxing and my first impressions!

Koroao / Holaca LG 360 Cam waterproof case

Koroao is a waterproof case for the LG 360 Cam (there's also an identical case from Holaca).

CES 2017: Hands-on with Insta360 Air, an affordable 360 camera for Android with 360 livestreaming

Insta360 Air is a 360 camera for Android.  At $119 ($99 for preorders), it is currently one of the most affordable spherical 360 cameras.  In addition, it features 360 livestreaming.  I got to see and try the Insta360 Air at CES 2017.  Here are my impressions.

Update: I've received the Insta360 Air.  Here are my first impressions!

Update: check out the sample video from the Insta360 Air!

CES 2017: hands-on with Pimax 8k VR headset

Pimax 8k is the world's first VR headset with 8k resolution.  I got the chance to try it out at CES 2017.

Monday, January 9, 2017

CES 2017: Hands-on with Hubblo, a 4k 3D 360 camera with realtime stitching for $999

A lot of you have asked about Hubblo, a 3D 360 camera with 4k resolution and realtime stitching, which I posted about a month ago.  I got to see Hubblo at CES and I'm glad I made the extra trip to see it!

CES 2017: Sample photos from Staro, the 136-megapixel 360 camera

Here are sample photos from the Staro, which is now the 360 camera with the highest photo resolution (136 megapixels).

CES 2017: Insta360 Stereo, a 3D 180 camera for Android

I saw the Insta360 Stereo at CES, and the current version looks quite different from the previous one I posted about.

CES 2017: Sample video from TwoEyesVR, the most affordable 4k 3D 360 camera

TwoEyesVR is a compact 3D 360 camera, which I posted about back in August.  I saw the camera in person at CES.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

CES 2017: Giroptic iO makes 360 livestreaming super easy

Giroptic iO is a new 360 camera for the iPhone with 360 livestreaming capability.  At CES 2017, Giroptic representatives demonstrated the ease of use of the Giroptic iO.

CES 2017: Boxfish 360 is a professional underwater 360 camera

Boxfish 360 is a professional 360 camera rig designed for underwater use.

Update: here are the details on the Boxfish 360!

TECHNIQUE: How to shoot 360 video like an Associated Press journalist

Just a brief break from CES 2017 related news (still more to come! :D ).

The Associated Press believes that all its journalists should be able to shoot 360 video.  In this post, we'll take a look at the equipment and techniques their journalists use.  The cool thing is that the equipment and techniques are within reach even for you and me.