Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to make the Guru 360 gimbal almost invisible: 360 video demo and tutorial

The Guru 360 is the most affordable gimbal for 360 cameras.  It also has one of the smallest nadirs and in some cameras, it can even become almost invisible.  Here's a demo and tutorial.

Stabilizing your video with a gimbal is one of the most effective ways to improve its quality and to enhance your viewers' experience.  Among gimbals designed for 360 cameras, the Guru 360 is the most affordable and it also has one of the smallest nadirs to date.

The nadir is small enough that it is possible to make it almost invisible.  Here's a 360 video demo and a tutorial:

As I mentioned in the video, the most visible parts of the Guru 360 in the nadir are the motor and the counterweights.  To make them disappear, you need to do two things:
1. Move the camera off the center of the gimbal and toward the pitch/roll motor.  The goal is to put the motor between the lenses.
2. To hide the counterweight that is on the opposite side of the pitch/roll motor, you need to split it into two 2-piece components.

This technique works with 360 cameras that are not thin, such as the original Samsung Gear 360 (but not the 2017), the Nikon Keymission 360, and the Kodak SP360 4K Dual Pro.

The Guru 360 is also invisible in the standard configuration when used with the Vuze 3D 360 camera if the Vuze is oriented diagonally with the long axis of the gimbal (including the arm) aligned diagonally with the Vuze.  This will place the motor just within the Vuze's stitch line but sacrifices some freedom of movement.  Here is a sample:


  1. Can you post the photo with the 2016 Gear 360? Thanks

    1. Sure. You can fast forward to 02:06 in the video to see. Or you can click on this link

      Best regards,

  2. Thanks... Also, I have an idea if you can balance 2 Gear 360 side by side using the guru360 plate and shoot stereoscopic videos?


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