Friday, March 4, 2016

20-Gigapixel Spherical 360 Photo of New York

Jeff Martin, founder of, has created a spectacular 20-gigapixel spherical photo of New York.  The resolution is 203,200 x 101,600.  According to 360Cities, "[i]f you printed this image at a standard photo resolution of 300DPI, it would be 18 meters or 57 feet wide, and 9 meters / 28 feet tall."

Virgin America Advertises with 360° Photos

Virgin America is inviting its customers to "Test Drive Every Seat" with a 360-degree view of its mood-lit cabins.  Virgin America used Google Streetview to allow customers to navigate the 360 photos, allowing the customers not just to look around but also to "move" forward or backward to a different section of the cabin.  The advertisement is one of the first mass-market ad campaigns to use 360 photos.

Check out Virgin America's 360 shots.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Samsung Gear 360 To Be Bundled With Full-Featured Video Editor

The recently-announced Samsung Gear 360 will be bundled with a full-featured video editor made by Cyberlink, makers of the popular PowerDirector video editing software.  According to Cyberlink, "The streamlined drag 'n drop storyboard interface allows users to intuitively edit, correct color and lighting issues, apply slow motion effects, produce and share 360 video on social media platforms in a few clicks without any additional tools."

Here was the announcement.

Ricoh Theta Receives 2016 iF Design Award

image by iF

The Ricoh Theta S and Ricoh Theta m15 received awards for design at the 2016 iF Design Awards.  The if Design Awards is a global competition organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH in 1953, with over 5,000 entries from 70 countries every year.

image by Ricoh and iF

The Theta has won an iF Design Awards for communication in 2014.

Ricoh Theta announcement here
Ricoh's announcement here.
Ricoh's Theta entry here.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SD 5.0 Specification Supports 360 Videos

The SD Association released the SD 5.0 Specification (the Video Speed Class) to support current and future video applications, including "360 degree video recordings."  The press release is here

It's good to see that 360 photography and videography is receiving support from all sectors of the industry.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Spinnable is a social media platform for 360 photos and videos

Although 360 photos and videos are gaining popularity, it can still be hard to find consistent sources of 360 content.  Spinnable aims to fill that gap by becoming a social sharing platform exclusively for 360 -- the 'Instagram' of 360 photos and videos.

Samsung Gear 360 Priced at $399.99

B&H Photo Video, one of the largest online camera retailers, posted a price for the recently-announced Samsung Gear 360, at $399.99.  This price would be fairly competitive among currently-available 360 cameras with comparable specifications.  For example, the popular Ricoh Theta S, with about half the resolution of the Samsung Gear 360, is $349,  The single-lens 360fly is about $399.99.

Thus far, no other retailer has posted a price for the Samsung Gear 360, so this price might just be B&H's estimate.